About Umbris

Umbris® was established in 2009 by Filip Melis and Inge Bogaert as a spin-off of Mebo, a manufacturer of staircases, handrails, barriers and other constructions in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Umbris®, Latin for shadow, is both the name of the company and the brand name of the louvred roofs.


Entrepreneurship, passion and customisation are a major part of the DNA of the Melis-Bogaert duo. They believe in high-quality louvred roofs that offer protection from the sun and rain. Thanks to their targeted focus, the innovative R&D department and Mebo’s years of experience, the first Umbris® louvred roof was produced and installed within the year.

Designed on demand of architects

As with Mebo almost 25 years earlier, Umbris® was established in response to demand. An architect was looking for a louvred roof that could be opened or closed depending on the weather and that was suited to the style of the building. A functional total concept of the highest quality in a neat, clean design.


And it’s still the case today. Every Umbris® is unique and made-to-measure in Lokeren. We begin with an idea or plan and create a solution that completely fulfils the wishes of our clients. more about customization

You create. We design.

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