We chose Umbris for different reasons:

  1. Functionality
    Our terrace faces south. Without protection from the sun, it’s too warm in the summer for us to enjoy sitting outside. The Umbris now creates a nice shady space in the most comfortable part of our garden.
  2. Ease
    We weren’t really in favour of having to move our garden furniture inside and outside all the time. Now the louvred roof protects our furniture so we can leave it there year-round, always ready for use.
  3. Aesthetics
    We simply think it’s a wonderful system. It fits in perfectly with our home. Better yet, it adds a touch of style to our garden.
  4. Playing with the Belgian climate
    Now the possibility is there, we use it. Our Umbris is fitted with integrated heaters and wooden side panels, so it creates an extra cosy outdoor space. We play in the sun, no longer worry about rain and can even set the temperature ourselves. Nothing holds us back from having an outdoor barbecue in winter.


  • Umbris in 2 fields
  • Powder-coating in RAL 9008 structure
  • 2 support elements with wooden (cedar) beams
  • 2 heating elements
  • 8 spot lights in framework