Flying parasols

Our living room is on the first floor of our home. In the summer, we like to breakfast on the adjacent balcony. Needless to say, we need protection from the sun. And after watching countless parasols fly away in the wind, we contacted Umbris.

The same style as our home

We wanted a system that fully reflected the style of our house. We didn’t want pillars; they would have interrupted the view. Umbris performed a study and recommend a floating louvred roof. We liked it straight away. The open space above our front door was also embraced by the Umbris; the extended beams of the louvred roof created the same sense of open space on the first floor.

More time outside

Umbris then came to install the roof and we are now very happy. The slogan “Enjoy Outdoor Living” is spot on: we now enjoy the summer for longer and sit outside far more often than before we had our Umbris.


  • Umbris in one single field
  • RAL 9016 matte, powder-coating
  • Attached to the façade of the home by means of pull rods.
  • Water drainage via a custom-made system.
  • Construction completely tailored to reflect the architecture of the building.