We finally chose Umbris because of the good price-quality ratio and because, in our opinion, Umbris offered the most elegant louvred roof . The finishing was tight and nicely fitted, but at the same time, it was a sturdy construction that looked very elegant.

The biggest benefits and the deciding factor was the possibility of expanding it to a total concept. This means that as well as a louvred roof, we could have an adjacent storage space made and installed. This was made-to-measure and perfectly matched the louvred roof. Just like the roof, the storage space is a strong construction that has the elegance we desired.


The service we were given was, in terms of design and installation, impeccable. Everything was set up by a very efficient installation team with an eye for detail and a lovely finish.


  • Umbris in 2 fields
  • RAL 9010 powder-coating
  • 8 spots in the framework and central beam