Umbris louvred roof

The Umbris louvre roof is a Belgian top product which protects you and your terrace (furniture) against the sun and the rain. You can choose how you want to turn the louvers and create a sunny or shady terrace. You can turn the louvers to let the sunlight and warmth into your home during the winter months. This also makes your home more energy-efficient. Thanks to the natural ventilation, it is pleasant to stay under your patio roof even at tropical temperatures.

Each Umbris louvre roof is unique

Already in the design phase, in consultation with you or your architect, we draw the Umbris louvre roof into the architectural plan. This way, a total concept is developed in line with the style of your house.

Besides comfort, the technical aspects also play an important role. Our engineering department analyses the optimal set-up and thoroughly works out the drainage and electricity connections. After the measurement, we then draw up a unique design for you. And if you wish, we will make a light study and a stability calculation. Once your Umbris is ready, our installation service takes care of a perfect installation.

We always try to work out a project that is completely customised and fits in with the style of your house.

Discuss your wishes with us

Discover the many possibilities of Umbris® and get inspired by our Enjoy Outdoor Living concept.

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